Samuel Nicholl

Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach

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My name is Samuel and I am a singing teacher and vocal coach, providing singing lessons in London, in my personal studio located in Lee. I offer private vocal lessons for those wishing to learn how to use their voice to its full potential. With regular practice and guidance, you shall observe the very powerful benefits that committed and diligent study can offer you. Quite different to learning in a group or classroom environment, individual singing lessons offer you the most effective way of bringing your voice to its best place.

Explore the joys of singing

learn to sing in London

Learning to sing is a truly uplifting experience. Throughout your personalised singing lessons, you shall find yourself able to better connect with your voice. Following each class, you shall feel energised and happy. I have been teaching for many years and can tell you that each lesson is a joy. A true connection to the soul!

From Humble Beginnings to Mastering the Arts

Progression to vocal perfection is about gaining knowledge; learning more about how all of the areas work to their greatest potential. Once you know how everything works, consistent practice; developing the muscles and techniques, as well as song rehearsal will show you how to deliver your voice in a more connected way.
Quite different from any other type of learning, using the voice throughout each lesson brings a great deal of happiness and relaxation. Whether you are a beginner or have had a little experience along the way, singing classes can be of great benefit.

Refining your Ability

The progression from complete beginner to professional singer is one that takes time, commitment, and lots of practice. However, sometimes it isn’t about becoming a master singer. Sometimes it is about learning to enjoy the voice that you’ve been given, and honing your skill to further engage your body in a wonderful pastime.

As with many other skills, form is the most important base to start working on. Once you are able to master how to properly control your vocal cords, your breathing, your diaphragm, and your vocal health, you will be well on the way to optimising your sound.

The art of controlling the sound you make relies on identifying and understanding how your body produces sound. Your lungs, larynx, chest, tongue, lips and even your teeth function in unison to produce sound. The size, structure, length, weight and overall dimensions of these parts of your body, along with your body itself, are all variables which help to produce your particular sound, and a tone, timbre, volume and pitch that is completely unique to yourself.

In order to optimise the sound you make, and control your singing, each of these areas requires studious analysis and development.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional, or a complete beginner, it is important that we first start with making sure that these basic areas are covered in full. It is often found with experienced singers that their style and voice has developed almost unconsciously over time, and as such they have failed to fully perfect the fundamental areas that make the difference between a good singer and a great singer.

To do this we will be working on areas such as correct breathing technique, controlling the shape and position of (amongst others areas) your tongue, larynx, diaphragm, soft palette, and nasal passages, learning how to regulate volume, pitch and tone, and working on hundreds of vocal exercises to get your body used to this challenging yet highly rewarding skill.

Develop Your Talent in London; the Home of Music in Europe

I’m very proud to live and work in one of the greatest cities in the World for music. London is famous for its musical culture, innovation and progression, and there are a wealth of locations and events where you can show off your talent, or even slowly build a reputation for yourself, possibly leading to a fantastic singing career.

London's Music Scene

London is hugely famous for rock, pop, dance and urban music, as well as being the home of internationally popular music from artists such as The Beatles, Elton John, Coldplay, and One Direction, to name but a few (see here).

The Stage & Screen

The West End requires no introduction or fanfare. Being the home of over 36 major theatres, including the world famous London Palladium, the Theatre Royal, and the Palace Theatre, it’s testament to the wonderful diversity of art and culture that London has to offer.

Performing in front of an appreciative crowd is the best feeling in the world, and there’s nowhere better on this Earth than at productions and events held the city of London.
London is a city where you can be so close to amazing, open, and welcoming audiences and musicians, and enjoy intimate performances which will likely stay with you forever.


  • Rating: 5 Stars

    A great singing teacher and a wonderful human being.He is always cheerful and at the same time very serious in teaching. My daughter has made huge improvements and always looking forward to her singing Lessons with Samuel.
    Thank you Samuel
    Fereshte Pourghobad
  • As a complete beginner I was so nervous but Samuel was very patient and encouraging. I have always wanted to find my voice and now I have the confidence to sing in front of others. I didn't think that would happen! We studied lots of different things and it always felt enjoyable. And it is always lovely to see Little White and Kitty popping in to meow with us! I have since moved abroad but am glad to have monthly Skype sessions. But I miss smelling all of your lovely flowers!
    Berry Patten
  • Amazing results! This is the first time that I have considered singing lessons and I found it to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. Samuel is a great teacher. He really knows his stuff. The strides made are not always obvious but with each lesson I have seen an improvement with my singing. He is very welcoming and warm, yet professional. I know that my vocals are in safe hands and I look forward to continuing to work with him for the foreseeable future.
    Harriet Thomas
  • Rating: 5 Stars

    Daniel: Samuel is my favourite singing teacher. He is very fun and full of sense of humour. He has very good techniques and teaches me well!!
    Mum: I enjoy watching and listening to Samuel teaching Daniel. He makes me smile and laugh! It is always a fun and enjoyable lesson. We travel from North London that takes over an hour. However, Daniel has so much fun during the lessons, we don't mind the long journey. We will sing with Samuel for a very long time to come!  
    Daniel and Mum, Narisa
  • Samuel is an amazing teacher. I am not a professional singer and recently started taking lessons with him as a hobby. In addition to helping me sing, I have found the lessons to be a great therapeutic experience. Samuel has an amazing gift in helping you get in touch with your creative space. Aside from gaining technical insights to improve my singing ability, I have walked out of each session with a positive, "zen" mindset. I highly recommend Samuel - even amateur singers like me can gain enormously from his lessons.
    Monali Lad
  • Samuel is a wonderful singing teacher. He really cares about bringing out the best in you and my confidence as a singer has increased so much. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you!
    Melanie Smith
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my singing lessons with Samuel. My voice feels and sounds so much better and he is such a positive and kind person. Highly recommended!
    Jung Kweon
  • Learning to sing with you has been a wonderful experience. I look forward to many more sessions with you, in the future! See you in April and say hello to Kitty for me! Nick x
    Nicholas Audsley
  • I came to Samuel genuinely believing I couldn't sing, but through his friendly, relaxed professional approach I quickly found myself belting and hitting those high notes I was afraid of! I fully recommend Samuel as a teacher if you are a beginner.
    Christiam Chase