With Samuel Nicholl, top London Singing Teacher & Vocal Coach

Singing is about connection

I provide private singing lessons for those who are truly willing to commit to developing their voice. While natural talent is certainly a useful position to begin from, I believe that if you can speak, you can sing. And if you can sing, then with a little practice and direction, you can sing well.

Bringing out your abilities as a singer takes a great amount of determination and commitment. Singing is about making a connection. The process shouldn’t feel like a chore; you shouldn’t feel bad about what you don’t know, but instead you should rejoice in learning new tips and techniques that will make huge differences to quality of your singing voice.

My teaching technique is not about me directing exactly what you should do; it’s a journey for both of us in determining what you’re capable of, and which areas need work. I will share my knowledge with you, and we’ll both work towards developing your technique to realise your talent together.

You shall be surprised at how little movements and tweaks can make the world of difference to how you sing. Regularly exercising the singing voice is the key to improving your technique. Together, we shall work on building your technique and strengthening your sustained singing voice. With dedicated regular practice, you will begin to see remarkable improvements with the way in which you express yourself with sound.

 Sing With Confidence

I have worked as a singing teacher and vocal coach in London for over fifteen years. I hear many wonderful stories from my students; everyone has a memory of singing, whether at a Christmas party or at a family gathering. However, I also hear many reasons as to why students have perhaps felt unable to sing as they would like.

A lack of confidence can be a major factor in preventing us from working towards something that we truly desire. This is understandable; the voice is an extremely powerful thing. Fully organic, it expresses joy and fear and love and anger readily. Sometimes, we are happy to show these feelings and sometimes we need to connect with a different energy for a vocal performance. Gaining the confidence to sing in public is one of the first things we must cover; being able to confidently produce a note is the first step to understanding where your journey will begin.

 Sing To Your Full Potential

The better we understand what we are doing and how we are doing it, the more assured we become. Once you begin using your voice regularly; understanding how each part of your body is producing sound, you will feel much more confident. When we feel more confident, the nerves settle, the breathing becomes steady, and we ignite all of the areas that deliver a sound that makes our soul sing.

Having taught approximately 40 students per week for 15 years, I have gained a huge amount of knowledge from my students, all the time learning about wonderful mannerisms and idiosyncrasies that have different effects on the voice. Each lesson I give is extremely rewarding for me, and I love what I do.

With each lesson, you will find a new way of supporting your voice; notes that you didn't know were there, expression that is fully ignited. Dedicating a full 45 minutes to singing is a very powerful way of connecting with your voice and the development shall be extremely gratifying for both of us.

One on One Singing Lesson Structure

Each lesson will be structured based on working up from the base fundamentals of being able to properly control the parts of your body that create noise, to developing the muscles and techniques to make this noise into something special. I love working with beginners and those just looking for enjoyment, because this initial stage of development is magical for both of us.
For you it is fantastic to be able to truly realise the potential of your voice and what you can accomplish. For me I love the emotional reaction and satisfaction I gain from seeing a student achieving something they were unsure they could produce from the outset.

Singing lessons will always be private, held in my south east London studio in Lewisham, so that I am able to give you 100% focus on working towards improving your voice, and so that you are 100% focused on the task. Each lesson will last approximately 45 minutes, and will involve discussions, theoretical study, and vocal exercises which are aimed at cultivating knowledge, understanding, and technique.

It is important to note that rarely is a single lesson going to be enough for you to develop your voice in any radical way. It is advised that students enrol in at least 5, but ideally 25+ lessons in order to even begin understanding how their voice can improve and develop, and how to properly work towards a particular goal; whether that is singing in a choir, a school demonstration, or just for the fun of it.