Singing Lessons for Adults

The truth is that if you can speak, you can sing.

L earning to sing as an adult can be an enlightening experience. Indeed, you can enjoy singing, no matter what your age. I have worked with students who are in their 20s and students who are in their 80s.  As long as you are ready for the work involved to develop a healthy technique, you are never too young or too old to begin singing!

Feeling great about your singing lessons is very important. Yet, be mindful that the process is a two-way street. Your singing lessons are about helping you to learn more information about singing, yet the practice time between sessions is also extremely important. To help you to focus on your practice, I advise that you schedule a specific time and duration for practicing. Perhaps you have a Monday morning free, followed by a Friday afternoon. If you can manage to practice for 15 minutes, twice each week, that would be super.

Improvement Happens with Frequent Practice.

We work vigorously during our lessons, so rest well beforehand and try to avoid things that can be harmful for the voice. Alcohol, caffeinated drinks and smoking are not good so please do try to avoid, certainly prior to your vocal lesson.

Learning to sing is a gradual process. Expect to commit to at least 5-25 singing lessons to truly note the remarkable changes that occur when using the voice in a mindful way. Saying this, each lesson shall offer you great tools with which to shape your vocals.

Your lessons shall be tailored to your exact requirements. Each voice is unique and shall therefore have specific areas of strengths and weaknesses. I shall be here to frequently assess your vocal needs and sculpt your lesson content, accordingly. We shall cover the many areas required for using the voice to it's full potential. We shall be working with Breath, Diaphragm, Pitch, Tone, Scales and the various parts of the body that are linked to delivering a strong vocal.