Singing Lessons for Kids

From my experience children love to sing – and when they do so they can often sing with a confidence and freedom that can fade as we grow older. It is so very important to nurture these wonderful qualities from a young age.

Samuel Nicholl

Singing Lessons

Singing lessons are designed to teach your child the skills needed to strengthen and control the voice, whilst remaining fun and enjoyable. The voice is still developing as we grow through our teenage years so finding suitable exercises is very important. Lessons are also combined with ‘song practice.’ This is where we finish the session with a song that is chosen by the student – offering a fun and inspiring experience.

Learning all of the ways that a voice can be best maintained is indeed very possible for children. Young voices benefit greatly from a gradual strengthening process, bringing awareness as to how the voice works and how to best use it for singing.

Explore the joy of singing !

Singing is mostly about exploring the joy, adventure and excitement of music !

Young voices need to be nourished and guided in a way that is not forceful.

We must honour the growing process during these early lessons.

Saying this, there are many exciting things to be learned from a young age. Techniques that shall develop and strengthen a young voice. Through regular song practice, we get to explore all of the good techniques that make our voices stronger.

Learning to sing at a young age has many remarkable benefits

My lessons encourage a positive learning environment, focussing on exploring the many wonderful qualities of a young voice. Throughout the lesson time and practice period between lessons, it is very important to offer encouragement and support. Only through positive learning can we allow for our creativity to blossom.

With regular practice, the voice begins to open and strengthen. Children become aware of how it feels to sing in a controlled way. Indeed, learning to sing at a young age has many remarkable benefits.

Course Contents

Singing is a very personal activity which each of us perform in different ways. At such a young age, children can show natural talent and a wonderful ability to produce sound. However, when we look at developing that sound into something more controlled, there are many aspects which require assessment and adjustment.

For each student I work with, time must be spent looking at the fundamental basics, no matter what level, so that we can begin to understand how we can grow and develop. For this reason, the courses I provide are not identical. Each course is unique to the student; tailor-made to identify and work on the specific areas needed to harness the power of the voice. Course progression is fluid, and while I like to ensure classes are fun as well as engaging, positive development relies on continuous practice and a small amount of hard work.

Course Location and Prices

Singing classes take place within my London studio, in Lee. My personal studio is designed to be a welcoming and homely environment, in order to instill comfort and serenity. This provides a perfect atmosphere to relax and allow sound to flow with ease.
Each class lasts approximately 45 minutes, during which time we'll talk about the theory of singing, learn about producing and controlling different sounds, and a lot of time will be spent practising.

Individual 'taster' lessons cost just £50. However, 5-lesson singing plans are advised in order to see any true progression and sound development.

For more information, see my Prices page.

For more details don't hesitate to contact me and we can have a chat about what your child needs, and how to address the situation.


  • Rating: 5 Stars

    A great singing teacher and a wonderful human being.He is always cheerful and at the same time very serious in teaching. My daughter has made huge improvements and always looking forward to her singing Lessons with Samuel.
    Thank you Samuel
    Fereshte Pourghobad
  • Rating: 5 Stars

    Daniel: Samuel is my favourite singing teacher. He is very fun and full of sense of humour. He has very good techniques and teaches me well!!
    Mum: I enjoy watching and listening to Samuel teaching Daniel. He makes me smile and laugh! It is always a fun and enjoyable lesson. We travel from North London that takes over an hour. However, Daniel has so much fun during the lessons, we don't mind the long journey. We will sing with Samuel for a very long time to come!  
    Daniel and Mum, Narisa

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