One Of London's Leading Singing Teachers

Realising your full vocal potential is something that is available for everyone.
Whether you are a complete beginner or have had a little experience along the way, learning to use your voice with correct technique is so very powerful.

My passion is in helping singers to better connect with their singing potential.

I look forward to singing with you, soon.

Samuel Nicholl



Samuel takes a more holistic approach to his teaching. When learning how to sing the mechanics of the voice and body are very important, but the energy and emotion that works alongside these areas are also of extreme value. Feeling good about how you use your voice is key. Feeling confident, relaxed, assured and in control of your instrument leads to a much more satisfying vocal performance.



Following extensive training at the Ulster Theatre Company, Samuel moved to London to study music and composition at Goldsmiths University of London. It was following this time that he accepted various leading roles in musicals such as Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar and Westside Story. He worked in musicals all over the world for over ten years, before pursuing his true passion; teaching.



In 2010, Samuel accepted the position of head vocal coach at the prestigious London Music School, where he has worked with thousands of singers and musicians in helping them to realise their full potential. He has built close working relationships throughout the industry, working frequently with clients such as Radio 1, Radio 6, BBC, Sky One, MTV, Channel 4 and many of the major/indie record labels, helping to develop their new artists.

Experienced Teacher

Samuel's experience as a leading singer on the London stage followed by his job as head vocal coach at the London Music School has made him one of the most sought after vocal instructors in London.

Inspirational Teacher

If you are looking for a singing teacher in London, Samuel Nicholl not only has the technical vocal expertise to teach you how to sing, he also has the ability to inspire. His enthusiasm for teaching is infectious!

Passionate Instructing

Samuel is at his best bringing out the enthusiasm of children in coaching them how to sing, and helping adults to find new passion for singing - Call Samuel now on 07515 384027 to share his verve and take your voice to the next level.